Monday, July 19, 2010

Is there ever enough?

I just can't fathom how I am ever going to fit in everything that I want to do this school year. I say that every year, and somehow, it all works out. This year, C1 is entering PreK-4/Kindergarten. I'm so excited for him. I saw the gains he made last year in such a short time and know that this year, with everything that we learned last year, is going to be even better. Last year was sort of a test run - figuring out what worked for us, and more importantly, what didn't. We found that certain areas of the house are more conducive to learning than others. That some learning styles were better than others. We also learned that Mom really shouldn't be even thinking about teaching without at least a cup of coffee firmly in her system.

This year, we have added hurtles of activities for both C1 and C2 and a commitment from me to get my butt to the gym 6 days a week. I have a feeling the mornings are going to start getting earlier and earlier as the boys get older.

On another note, I registered for my first 5k race on October 9. That leaves me the rest of July and August to complete my training and all of September to see how that training translates to the outdoors. I was hoping to wait until November, but no time like the present I guess. My only goal right now is to finish. We'll see about actually competing to win later. I have big dreams about bigger things after this 5k is over. It seems to have just opened a door to this world of race and fitness competition. I'm setting my sights on a triathlon in 2011.

Kids have been sick the past few days. Combine that with some rain and hellacious cabin fever and you have one crabby mom. I'm hoping to mainline the caffeine today and hope that helps a bit.

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