Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm not a crackhead, I swear

When it is just me and the boys at home, I don't give much thought to what I wear. If it is comfortable, I'll wear it. I applaud those moms that can look put together all of the time, with their matching accessories and full make-up. I'm not one of those moms. I've been wearing the same pair of sweatpants for the past three days. I feel guilty sometimes that I don't try to look better when Alex gets home...but then I think back on the day I had and all that guilt goes out the window. Like it or not, he gets the sweatpants. Plus, sweatpants usually equal a happy wife. Spanx, special underwear and fussy hair tend to make me crabby. Like Fussypants likes to say, "We can't both look good, it's either me or the house"....although lately, we're going 0 for 2 on that statement.

Anyway, back from my sweatpant tangent. This morning, the doorbell rang (of course it was right after I put Connor to sleep) and the Schwann's man was at the door. I stared at him blankly until it dawned on me that I had placed an order through a free food item promotion. He stammered as he took in the sight that was me - bright red sweatpants rolled up at the bottom just to expose my severely neglected leg hair, nursing tank - that I accidentally forgot to re-clip on one side and hair that was something out of the "Where the Wild Things Are" book. Calvin came running up to the door in his underwear screaming at him to "LOOK AT MY CHEESE AND MEAT!" uber-quadruple stack sandwich that he had spent the last 20 minutes assembling and disassembling. Calvin then demanded that the boy (poor kid) take him to see his Daddy at school - because he drove a yellow truck and Calvin associates any yellow truck as a school bus.

I knew that I owed him three cents. Three whole cents. I went inside to get it and when I got back, he was on his way out of the driveway. I guess we scared him off. Me thinks we're not going to be top priority on Mr. Schwann's man's list of customers.

I made Calvin put on shorts after that, but I am still wearing my sweatpants.


  1. that is so funny. no really....that is so funny.

  2. The schwanns guy did the same thing to me as i went in for my 10 cents for the free food lol.