Sunday, August 30, 2009

It has been one of those weeks...

Where nothing interesting happens. I've really relished in it, actually. Nothing exciting happened, but nothing absolutely mind blowingly disappointing happened either!

I did meet a new friend who has a beautiful daughter. Calvin is pretty smit with her already. I think it was her take charge attitude....He really is like his Dad.

I've been cooking and baking for my other blog and have been ending up with dud after dud. It has been rather discouraging.

I figured out the secret to make the weeks go faster - plan the hell out of every day. That and Twitter. Anybody else as thoroughly addicted to TweetDeck as I am? It is like crack.

I have some pictures to process for a new post....the pictures almost got me beat up when I took them...Hope everyone had a great weekend! It went too fast.

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  1. Ah look, I made your blog! I feel like a super star now!